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Soluciones empresariales

Bolão Vip

Bolão Vip acercarse a su empresa y sus empleados, socios y clientes a través de una pasión por todo el mundo: el fútbol.


An excellent opportunity to promote entertainment or create a viral marketing strategy, using the relationship with football as the basis of the action.

Some of our clients:Cielo, Telefônica, Braskem, Tetra Pak, Fiat, Accor, Nokia, Ponto Frio, Rádio Globo, Banco Sofisa, Otis, etc

Our infrastructure is based on Windows Azure, using the full potential of Microsoft's Cloud Computing platform, so we can offer a safe, reliable and highly available hosting. This way, we offer all the security necessary for your company to have an unique experience.

Business Solutions

For your employees, an endomarketing action with great interactivity and a high approval rating. For your clients and partners, an amazing time of bonding with your brand.

  • Sponsorship fees

    Expose your brand to a highly targeted audience.
  • OnLine Football Group

    This is a football group outside the Bolão Vip environment.

Company Group

This is a football group outside the Bolão Vip environment, and it works completely independently.

  • Environment independent from Bolão Vip.
  • You may personalize the group with the visual identity of your company.
  • You may personalize the access URL with your domain.
  • Proprietary and exclusive signup basis.
  • There will be no ads from Bolão Vip, advertisers or partners.
  • The spaces reserved for publicity ads are for exclusive use of your group and may be managed by your company.

General Information

  • Deactivation of non-licensed groups

    The football groups in Bolão Vip are not free of charge for any kind of business. A football group that makes any reference to an unlicensed company or business, whether in the description, avatar or review, will be deactivated with no previous notice.

    Groups that have mostly corporate e-mails form a same company are also considered as a corporate football group. See more information in Bolão Vip’s Terms of Use.
  • Licensing and Maintenance
  • The licensing of the football group is exclusive for the period during which the respective championship occurs. Every maintenance activity for games, ranking update and any other activity needed for its full functioning is made exclusively by the Bolão Vip team.


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